Agricultural Service & Parts

Grain System Service

Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction has been the cornerstone of R.W. Mercer Company. In addition to our standard maintenance agreements, we offer 24/7/365 service. This means our expertly trained technicians are always on-call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, to troubleshoot and service any issues that may arise.  Service requests can be made by phone by calling 517-787-2960.

Parts and Maintenance

A man placing a metal sheet against a cutting tool
We provide parts and maintenance services for all GSI grain management systems, as well as those from Kongskilde, Lambton, Hutchinson/Mayrath and Bin Master.

Pre-Season Maintenance

Before you even begin to plant the season’s crop, the professionals at R.W. Mercer  Co. develop an inspection checklist of all the moving parts and pieces of your grain management equipment to assure it is running smoothly. If any aspects of the equipment are worn out or in need of repair, we can go ahead and complete the necessary repairs to get your equipment back in working order. Parts that can’t be repaired are simply replaced without the hassle of special-order wait-times.

Post-Season Maintenance

Once a successful harvest is complete, we inspect your grain systems for any issues or trouble-spots that may have developed over the course of the season. We correct those issues by repairing and/or replacing the necessary parts, usually doing so at a lower cost than if they were to be done during the season.

Millwright Service

In addition to the standard maintenance service for grain systems, we also provide general millwright service. From small farms to large co-op elevators, our millwright service is available to customers of any size and is performed by our highly trained technicians. Some, but not all, of our millwright services include: building conveyor systems, erecting towers, removal/replacement of floors, fans or heaters, custom fabrication and repairs of existing equipment. Contact us to find out how our millwright service can work for you.