Agricultural Division

Grain Storage

If you’re on the market for a farm bin or a commercial-grade silo, R.W. Mercer supplies the GSI grain storage system to hold your type and level of grain production. Made of heavy-duty corrugated steel, we can design and install any combination of storage systems to your specifications. We also offer a variety of wet holding tanks and hoppers to increase organizational efficiency while grain is being dried.

Grain Drying And Conditioning

GSI manufactures the largest selection of advanced grain dryers in the industry, which is why R.W. Mercer chooses to be an authorized supplier of GSI grain conditioning systems. From single-fan competitor dryers and in-bin aeration heaters to GSI’s-own patented X-STREAM™ and TopDry drying systems, we are well-versed in implementing any grain conditioning configuration. The better you dry your grain, the more effectively you can safely store increased volumes of production.

Grain Handling

Whether you’re moving grain from harvest to conditioning or conditioning to storage, look no further than GSI’s grain handling systems. Though the loading and unloading requirements of a small farm are drastically different than those of a commercial operation, we can design and install a conveyance system to successfully transport any amount of grain. Bucket elevators, paddle conveyor air systems or augers: we’ve got what it takes to move you—and your grain.

Commerical Grade Grain Storage bin