More Than a Grain of Truth

As dealers of GSI grain management systems, R.W. Mercer Co. utilizes the best grain bins, dryers and conveyors the industry has to offer. We have extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of these grain systems for any size job. See what we’ve done lately and how we did it with some of our more successful projects below.

Tower Dyers

  • 4036 T series
    Elkhart, IL
  • 4742 T series
    Bellflower, IL
  • 3026 T series
    Cropsey, IL
  • 3531 T series
    Witt, IL
  • 4742 T series
    Clintonville, WI
  • 4036 T series
    Rochester, IN
  • 3026 T series
    Carrolton, MI
  • 1015 TM series
    Marshall, MI
  •  AB320 Farm Fans Portable Dryer

Storage Bins

  • 24′ dia 12900 Bushel Bin Marshall, MI
  • 48′ dia 54600 Bushel Bin Marshall, MI


  • 90′ Bucket Elevator With Pit Marshall, MI


  • 130′ Custom Tube Conveyor Charlotte, MI
  • 50′ Custom Tube Conveyor Charlotte, MI

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